What helps erectile dysfunction naturally

Presently, there exist some treatments which help to cure erectile dysfunction problems, including natural remedies and herbal treatments. Though, if you’re searching for the natural remedies for ED, then you can, you should remain cautious and learn about all the risks linked with the natural ED cure.  

Erectile dysfunction: What is it? Are there any treatments available for it?

Erectile dysfunction is the problem related to an erection which occurs in men throughout the intercourse. It becomes a tough situation since it can even lead to breaking your relation or causing a feeling of embarrassment. Most commonly, impotence is the right word which reveals the condition. In this condition, men usually face problem while maintaining an erection. You may notice some symptoms such as reduced libido or desire for sex. If you’re experiencing such a condition for more than 1-2 weeks, then you need to consult a doctor. In the United States, about 30 million population experience ED.

Most commonly, there exist several reasons for the occurrence of ED symptoms among men. Sometimes, it is just a side effect caused by overdosing any medication. Though, more than 60% of men face ED due to certain severe cases. If you’re facing any diseases related to diabetes, prostate, surgeries, neurological, and others, then you can be attacked by the erectile dysfunction.


When talking about the treatments available for ED, some standard options include vacuum pumps, surgery, medications (as prescribed), and so on. Though, all men try to find out the natural cures for ED. In the latest research, it is revealed that it is possible to improve the symptoms of ED with a natural alternative to Viagra. If you want to back-up with good information about all the natural options, then continue with the article.

Does erectile dysfunction happen overnight?

Mostly, erectile dysfunction occurs in men due to certain physical factors. Normally, a man experienced this condition from time-to-time. It can either be a result due to tiredness, anxiety, or too much alcohol intake. If you’re experiencing an ongoing ED, then consult with a doctor for all the investigations.

What helps erectile dysfunction naturally?

Usually, there exists several treatments, remedies, and therapies for treating the erectile dysfunction issues which can be adopted. Also, if you’re willing to the home remedies for ED, then you can catch up with the content.

Many times, people are curious to know how to cure erectile dysfunction at home? If so, then you can catch up with some natural ways to adopt for maintaining a good sex life with your partner.

  1. Start daily walking steps: In a Harvard study, it was revealed that about 30 minutes of walk regularly can help in dropping the symptoms associated with the ED. Apart from it, certain other researchers also provide that adopting an exercise schedule can be a good option which helps to gain power over impotence.

  2. Healthy diet: Within the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, it was revealed that adopting a healthy dietary plan is linked with a good life and decreasing the erectile issues. In your dietary plan, you should include all the natural food sources such as fruits, green vegetables, fish, and so on.

  3. Improve your vascular health: If you’re facing problems such as high cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, and blood pressure, then it can cause damage to your heart arteries which may result in increasing the chances of heart stroke or heart attack. This ultimately leads to causing the condition of ED among men. Consult your doctor to check your vascular system, whether your brain, penis, heart functions properly. Also, you should keep a check on your lifestyle to improve your vascular health.

  4. Get into the shade: With trim and slim waistline, it is possible to protect your penis. Among the natural ED cures, it is good to get slim. A man who has a 42-inch waistline is likely to suffer from ED symptoms as compared to a man with a 32-inch waistline. If you want to fight with ED naturally, then lose your weight. If you stay at a healthy weight, then it stands as the best home remedies for erectile dysfunction. The men suffering from obesity problems are likely to stand at the risk of facing certain physical conditions such as diabetes and vascular disease which are mainly two causes behind the occurrence of ED.

  5. Try to move your muscle: This doesn’t mean that you need to focus on your biceps. With rigid pelvic flooring, it becomes possible to overcome the troubles related to erections. This also helps in ensuring sufficient blood storage from the penis just with a press on the vein. It was noted from a British trial that adopting a 3-months Kegel exercise schedule plan for twice daily along with a healthy lifestyle and biofeedback, it helps strengthen the bones and muscles. There should be a limit on the alcohol consumption level along with quitting your smoking habits.

How can I reverse erectile dysfunction?

Mostly, people are searching for answers whether it is possible to reverse ED with any natural habits. Men often face the problem related to ED. No doubt, one can reverse the symptoms of ED by adopting medications or natural methods. In this concern, adopting a healthy lifestyle can do all the needful.

It is crucial to know that even when it becomes difficult to cure ED, you can adopt a good treatment or natural ED cure tips, for reducing the symptoms. Mainly, the doctors have identified two types of ED occurring in men which are:

  1. Primary erectile dysfunction: This is the rarest condition experienced by men. It happens when a man fails to have an erection or sustain it for a long time. For reversing primary ED, it is required to adopt intensive treatments.

  2. Secondary erectile dysfunction: It is the most common type of ED condition faced by a large men population in the US. It happens in those who used to have or maintain a regular erection. It is often a temporary condition which can be easily reversed.

Usually, it is possible to treat the condition of ED with the surgery or medication. Though, a person can adopt natural remedies to eliminate the symptoms of ED without any medication.

What can you do for severe erectile dysfunction?

When heading to learn about the first-line ED treatment, it is important to understand that it can either be done with the medication or surgeries. Are you searching for natural Viagra for men? If so, then all the below-mentioned options could be fruitful. Many types of research have come up with natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Continue reading the article to learn all the options.

1. Panax or Red Ginseng

It is known as an “herbal Viagra,” which is cited among the natural options. In 2008, many researchers have reviewed several studies related to red ginseng and its impact on men experienced ED. The perfect dosage was 600-1000 mg for 3 times in a day. As a conclusion, it was revealed that some evidence was suggestive to prove that red ginseng is an effective remedy to cure the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Currently, further researches are going on to examine how it works on the people facing ED issues. In the Panax ginseng, Ginsenoside is an element which actions properly at the “cellular level” for treating erection problems.

In all the evidence, it was found that Panax ginseng action occurs with a high effect for those facing metabolic syndrome and high presence of lipids. With this herb, there exist some anti-inflammatory elements which help in eliminating the disorder in lung functions and cope up with the bad blood flow level.

2. Dehydroepiandrosterone

Also known as DHEA, it is a natural human hormone which emerges from the adrenal glands. In the human body, DHEA can get converted into testosterone and estrogen. In the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, it was revealed that men suffering from ED show up with low DHEA levels.  Recently, DHEA is taken in identification as a natural option to treat the symptoms of ED among men facing diabetes. Among these men, ED is most likely to occur due to the issues with the hormones along with the complications associated with diabetes, which intervene in the flow of blood to all the organs.

3. Yohimbe

It is an herbal supplement which is extracted from the Yohimbe tree bark in Africa. With some trusted evidence, it is clear that this drug comes with fruitful results in improving the sexual arousal in men. Though, any recommendation hasn’t been declared by the AUA (American Urological Association) related to this drug intake for treating ED. It is due to the low availability of evidence in this concern. The side effects associated with this drug can even damage human health if taken with other medications. These side effects include tremor, increased heart rate, high blood pressure and so on. If you wish to intake Yohimbe, then consult with your doctor in advance.

4. Rhodiola Rosea

In a small study, it was revealed that Rhodiola Rosea can turn into outcome fruitful results. A group of 26 men was recommended to intake this drug (150-200 mg) once a day for about 3-months. With this intake, the men were able to get improved results related to sexual intercourse function. Also, it turned to an outcome with positive results for reducing fatigue and boosting energy. To explore its safety consideration, there is a need to study some more evidence.

5. L-arginine

Among the natural options, L-arginine emerges as an “amino acid” which is naturally found in the human body. This helps maintain nitric oxide in the body which is related to the blood vessels. This nitric oxide plays a major role in facilitating or maintaining a proper erection. Also, it turns to produce fruitful results in ensuring a healthy sexual life. Many scientific types of research were conducted to study the impact of L-arginine in men suffering from ED. About 30% of men who intake L-arginine (5 grams) regularly have attained positive results in curing the symptoms of ED. Another study reveals that when L-arginine is taken along with pycnogenol (a product of plant which is produced from the bark of a tree) helps in restoring the ability to have sex.

6. Acupuncture

There exist several mixed studies which show both the positive as well as a contrary response when acupuncture is taken to treat the symptoms of ED. In 1999, a study was conducted which came up with a result that acupuncture acts effectively to help maintain proper erections. Another study came up with a report that about 21% of men facing erectile dysfunction had attained improved results after relying on acupuncture. Apart from it, several other studies exist which show a conflicting response. Though, there is potential in this treatment which can work for correcting erectile dysfunction.

Do you see a urologist for erectile dysfunction?

A urologist conducts a test to know about the mental and physical condition along with diagnosing ED. You may feel it odd to talk with a doctor about the erectile dysfunction. Though, it is good to ensure a healthy sexual life to ensure a smooth relationship with your partner.

It is good to see a urologist for consulting about your erectile issues. A urologist holds a specialized knowledge about the health-related to reproductive and urinary aspect. They do an excellent job in analyzing the cause behind the occurrence of any abnormal condition or problems in your reproductive part.

If you’re facing any mental or physical health conditions such as high anxiety levels, increased blood pressure, and so on, then your doctor would recommend you to refer a urologist to talk about ED.

Sometimes, if there is an issue in your prostate gland, then you may be targeted with erectile dysfunction. The urologist would conduct an examination of your prostate for finding the condition which has led to erectile dysfunction.


When finding out any home remedies to keep a hard-on, then you should know that change in lifestyle can also become a fruitful decision. Before switching to the medications for treating ED, a man should adopt a healthy lifestyle along with some changes. Many times, lifestyle changes can act as an erectile dysfunction cure.

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