How to increase woman’s libido

Here are some nice things for those, who don’t wanna deal with the menopause inconveniences.

We think, that such a scrupulose topic must get started with a good news. So: the mature-aged sex can often be considered even better and brighter, than in the younger ages. Over the years, people make love less often - but much more productively! And that says about much intensive and bright orgasm.

This fact is confirmed by special trials. One of the last ones has involved women over 40 years old and they were considered to get increased sexual pleasure while aging. And they are much more lucky in terms of orgasm: according to the trial, unlike the men, women can get an orgasm even in the age of 80!

Of course, if you wanna get this pleasure even at being so old, you must control the situation in youth, e. g. on the menopause period. The women are especially encountering the heaviest libido problems at this time.

What is this connected with?

There are many factors, including hormonal changes, vagina dryness and temporary psycho-emotional overloads, based on the new period start in woman’s life. But the hormones are here at first. After the age of 40, the following hormones production in woman’s organism is reduced:

Oestrogen. It plays the special role in woman’s sexuality. It supports the vaginal lube production and genital tissues health. Its reduction brings the first problems with woman’s libido.

Progesterone. It’s also an important part of woman’s health support and those, who want to increase the female sex drive. Its lovering causes the irritability and fatigue, which are the direct way for the low libido in women.

Testosterone. Its decreasing lowers female sex drive and libido, vascular patency and causes weakness with drowsiness.

The hormonal swings are difficult to change at menopause. But here are some ways for those, who think, how to boost female sex drive and change the situation for your own profit.

How to increase woman’s libido

Secret numero uno: don’t leave your loving persons alone

It’s important to spend your time together not only in a bedroom. Get more often suburbs, go for excursions, movies and cuddle together on a couch.

Get together into something you love: drawing, dancing (how long ago did you dance together?), finally, the orchard processing…

But if you have recently encountered problems with your partner, or you think about increasing woman’s sex drive, you possibly need to visit a psychologist. It’s a trend now and you are the modern couple!

Number two: experiment and never forget about the prelude

It’s important for the partner to know your desires and preferences. It’s not a problem, if you like the rough sex and domineering partner. He may agree to take a role of a “family head”!

But if you won’t tell him about your desires, you’ll never get a sex bonus.

Ask a friend about his fantasies. Experiment!

Don’t rush the time: the prelude just increases the blood income into vagina, which is important for female arousal and lubricant production.

Number three: Get an assistant!

Featured visiting of museums and concert halls are nice, but why don’t you go to a sex shop together? The special stimulators can boost woman’s libido and get the sex drive back.

Their usage increases the bloodstream and vaginal moist, which only helps to increase the woman’s arouse and get her pleased.

Those toys are also nice for a woman to get pleased, when there is no man nearby. Finally, the orgasm is important for the health wellness!

When did you watch porn or erotics last time? Maybe, it is time to refresh the library?

The fourth one: use the special female sex drive pills

The hormonal imbalance is often tried to get cured with replacement therapy, but there must be serious indications for this. There are less cardinal ways to increase female libido. For example, the proper nutrition.

There are products, positively influencing woman's libido, thanks to their containing of microelements and special substances:

  • Oysters (contain zinc and dophamine, which makes them a well-renown aphrodisiac)
  • Tofu cheese, soy milk, damme, tempë and special sauce and soy meat (contain isoflavones, which are the oestrogen analogs)
  • Leafy greens, almond, buckwheat (they are the source of magnesium, positively influencing the hormones)
  • Lean meat, fish, nuts, dairy products (contain high amounts of protein)

There were the natural ways to increase libido. You can probably need some non-hormonal supplements to stabilize the organism internal processes and lowering the climacteric manifestations. Klimaxan is often indicated for flushing attacks.

Just for you to know:

  1. Excersices to increase woman’s libido
  2. Yoga (Increases the flexibility and relaxes the muscles)
  3. Kögel excercises (strenghthen the vaginal muscles)
  4. Aerobics (increases the blood circulation)
  5. Stretching (relaxes, removes stress and improves muscle tonus)
  6. Five: help yourself getting wet!

The vaginal dryness is one of the most spread menopausal problems. It’s often a reason for libido decreasing among women: the thoughts about possible discomfort destroy all plans. And the trials show, that menopausal vagina dryness appears in 50-65% cases.

Obviously, the problem can be easily resolved with the simple lubricants. Just don’t use the water-soluble lubes, e. g. vaseline, because they can weaken the latex.

Kilmaxan® is a non-hormonal drug, based on the natural components, which can immensely decrease the main climacteric syndrome manifestations: flushing attacks rate, headaches and vertigo; renew the normal sleeping regime and emotional state.


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