How do I become more sexually active

Nowadays, people are facing difficulty with being sexually active and the cause could be due to lifestyle or eating habits. Many couples face trouble while managing their relationship due to low sexual activity. People are searching for ways how to be more sexual!

Sexual desire: What do you understand by it?

Usually, sexual desire is also termed as “libido” or “drive for sex.” This emerges as a biological force which makes you think about sexual intercourse and act sexually. If you get turned on, then your body adapts to several changes, including the raised flow of blood to the vagina, vulva, raised heart rate, and so on.

How do I become more sexually active?

Most often, people are curious to search for how to be sexually active in bed! To get the answer, you can go through the following points:

1.  Connect with your partner

Presently, all human life is ruled by technology, including smartphones, tabs, and other gadgets. People are so much possessed with the technology that they forget about the world beyond technology. The real connection needs to be built first with your partner. Just sending a message or text with the three words “I Love You” won’t do all the job. Showcasing your love on social media and avoiding, in reality, could be dangerous for your sexual life. In the bedroom, you need to interact with your partner face-to-face.

As a suggestion, you can greet your partner with a hug. Try to know about their day and other activities. Sit with your partner and talk just by looking in the eyes. Forgot all about technology and focus on the real situation. This simple act can get your active sexually and enjoy a good time together.

2. Absence can be a good move

For many years, you’ve been spending your time together with your partner. This portrays that you’re sharing a good relationship with your partner. Though, what about your sexual life? Is everything going right or not? Do you need any suggestions or tips to turn on? Try some absence technique to blossom your deep love. Why not stay away for a few days from your partner? Start investing in a new hobby, join some learning classes or organizations, go out with your friends, and so on. When you’re always spending your time with your partner, then you may feel less excited about your meeting. If you start choosing absence technique as a part to blossom your love, then you would become excited to meet your partner.

On the contrary, if you’re just on the reverse side and don’t spend much time with your partner, then change the situation. Start spending time with your partner. If you feel like your relationship is not going well, then start planning date nights. Make a reservation for the dinner dates. Plan to watch a romantic movie together holding each other's hand. Join with Netflix and chill with your partner cuddling each other.

Despite the type of activity, you’re investing it, you should avoid all the distractions when spending time with your partner. Find all the attractions in your partner. Within no time, you’ll start developing a deep feeling of sexual activeness which can turn you on in the bed.

3. Reinforce the pleasure

Have you ever tried sexual toys for more pleasure? People often start searching for- how to be more sexually active?  If you’re also searching, then start introducing some pleasure toys. It is crucial to act adventurous to attract your partner. With more adventures, you’ll become excited for the next night also. Be more open with your partner and talk about the sexual fantasies in their mind. Start talking about your fantasies in the bed. Maybe, you might have assumed the idea of sex toys before or used already. You might have thought to enjoy such pleasure with your partner.

In the bedroom, you should enjoy being adventurous which can turn you on. It will make you act more sexual during intercourse. Try to express your love to your partner.  If you’re searching for how to be sexually active, then you should start being adventurous in the bed.

4. Enjoy eating

It is a secret for how to become more sexually active with your partner. All the recipe lies in food. Choose a meal which has aphrodisiacs in it to get more sexual. For increasing sexual desire among people, aphrodisiacs content can help do all the job. When finding foods which contain a high content of aphrodisiacs, then you can find two foods which are easily accessible such as red wine and dark chocolate. Plan for a date night and catch up on a dinner meal with your partner. On the menu section, but these two things in the starter section. Also, you can put other foods to raise your activeness for sexual intercourse.

5. Talk about love

It is a good idea to talk about love or start romantic conversations with your partner. Apart from the words, something which can turn things magical is how you communicate those special words to your partner. Are you planning to design “I Love You” with the rose petals in the bedroom? Or shout out loud to express your love? Or something more special? Did you get inked your partner’s photo on anything special? Firstly, you need to understand your spouse's language. After all the romantic conversations, things become more sexual.

You should understand the way your partner is having a conversation with you. Some common ways your spouse might use to have a conversation with you includes the following:

  1.  Talk with love

  2.  Showering love with gifts

  3.  Acting to serve

  4.  A touch of love

  5.  Expressing feelings

Your partner would shower all the love in different ways to turn you on. If you’re able to understand how your spouse is communicating with you in the bedroom, then you’re going to get active in the sex within seconds.

6. Turn active

When searching for how to get more sexually active, then you can adopt some lifestyle changes as a good move. All the lifestyle changes can help you turn on throughout intercourse. You can adapt exercising or walking habits into your schedule. With these activities, it helps raise your activeness, libido, and so on.

In Scientific facts, it is revealed that exercise is a great way to boost your energy and raise the flow of blood. Also, with a good exercise routine, it becomes possible for you to increase the level of hormones including testosterone hormone, which helps to raise your libido or desire to have sex.

Once you start gaining the benefits associated with a daily routine exercise, then you can turn sexually active in the bed. Also, your partner will enjoy a lot. It is a known fact that couples who adopt an exercise schedule with each other live together for long life.

Are you willing to improve your relationship? Do you want to make it a happier relationship? If so, then start adopting some lifestyle changes. If you’re feeling that your bond is getting disconnected with your partner, then you should start it in a new way.

Why is my libido so low?

Among men, it is a major problem faced by them. There exist some physical and psychological factors which can lower your libido.

Physical factors:

  •  Low level of testosterone

  •  Medicines prescribed

  •  Too much exercising

  •  Too low exercises

  •  Excessive alcohol intake

  •  Usage of drugs

Psychological factors:

  •  High level of anxiety

  •  Stress

  •  Depression condition

  •  Fights in your relationship

In the crowd of 10 men standing at the age-group above 45 years old, about 4 men face the problem related to low testosterone. Once the cause is examined, it becomes possible to change the condition by adopting some treatments:

  1. Starting a counseling session.

  2. Adopting a healthier lifestyle for a good future.

  3. Eating a well-balanced and nutrient-rich diet.

  4. Adopting a regular exercise schedule.

  5. Avoiding any disturbance in the sleep schedule.

  6. Reducing the level of stress.

  7. Switching to testosterone replacement therapy.

What are the symptoms of low libido?

Most often, men face the problem related to a decreased desire to have sex. This happens due to a physical or emotional health condition. Low libido signals to sexual dysfunction, which can impact the relationship. Usually, men with low libido start facing the problem due to low testosterone. Also, several chronic illness situations can lower libido including the following:

  1. Increased blood pressure: Many times, people face the problem related to increased blood pressure, which might result in affecting the circulation of blood.

  2. Cancer condition: Sometimes, patients treated for cancer symptoms with certain surgeries, radiations, and chemotherapy might also face the symptoms of libido.

  3. Heart stroke or attack: People suffering from heart diseases can result in decreasing the blood circulation level to all the organs. With heart diseases, it is possible to face the damage in blood flow, which results in eliminating the lubrication.

  4. Diabetic patient: With the high level of blood sugar, it might result in damaging the nerve. This result in causing the condition of erectile dysfunction among men. Women suffering from diabetes also face infections such as yeast or bladder issues.

Erectile Dysfunction