How can I improve my erectile dysfunction

Men are likely to face the condition of erectile dysfunction when getting into old age group. Though, it is not a problem faced by the aged people only. Presently, youngsters are also facing ED due to poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle habits. Are you able to run at the same speed as you did in your 20 years age? Play with the tennis ball with the same power and speed? Well, after aging, things change for both men and women. Though, there exist several things which can help you stay strong in older age as well. Are you searching for how to keep an erection longer? If so, continue with the article for more information.

The reasons are uncountable for erectile dysfunction. Maybe, it is caused due to a medication’s side-effects. Though, about 75% of men hold a complex cause behind erectile dysfunction. It can be a neurological disease, vascular disorder, surgeries, or diabetes, which results in the symptoms of ED. The human body is comprised of muscles which are useful in maintaining an erection. The weakening of these muscles results in losing strength. This becomes a tough situation to deal with. So, adopting an exercise schedule can do all the needful.  Most commonly, people search for how to get a harder erection? For this answer, you’ve landed in the right place.

What are the underlying causes behind the ED?

Before trying the home remedies to keep a hard-on, it is crucial to understand the underlying cause behind ED. Some causes can include the following:

  •  Metabolic syndrome

  •  Cancer

  •  Obesity

  •  Heart stroke or attack

  •  Less physical activities

  •  Alcohol

  •  Smoking habits

If you consult a doctor for the treatment, you’ll be prescribed with Viagra. Also, certain changes in lifestyle can turn fruitful. No doubt, exercises or physical activities help to reverse erectile dysfunction easily.

Can erectile dysfunction go away by itself?

Sometimes, men suffering from erectile dysfunction get relief by itself. Maybe, it is your cut down on smoking, alcohol, or drugs which is adding to the remedy. If you’ve solved all your emotional problems, then also it can be a fruitful thing. Though, it is necessary to get ED checked since it may invite any other serious health problem such as heart attack or stroke. If your blood vessels remain healthy without any damage, then the chances are less to face ED.

How can I improve my erectile dysfunction?

Men face problems related to weak erection when suffering from ED. In such a condition, people search for- how to get stronger erections? To learn the answer, continue with the reading.

1. Be conscious about your food

If you’re in a habit to intake an unhealthy diet, which can turn bad for your heart, then it can also lead to erection problems. In certain researches, it is revealed that the eating habits or diet, which can be the underlying cause behind a heart disease can also turn harmful for disrupting the flow of blood to the penis. If the proper blood flow doesn’t reach to the penis, then it becomes a troubling situation for the penis to make an erection. If your diet includes only fatty or fried foods and fewer fruits or green vegetables, then you’re likely to fall in the condition of restricted blood flow.

Any food which is not good for man’s heart health also turns a bad choice for the sexual organs. Recently, scientific studies revealed that men who add the Mediterranean and nutrient-rich diet to their life do not face the condition related to poor erections. This diet includes whole grain, fruits, green vegetables, healthy fats, fish, red wine, and so on.

2. Secure with a healthy weight

People who are having an overweight are likely to face several health conditions such as diabetes or obesity. This condition can be a factor resulting in damaging the nerve. If the nerve is damaged due to diabetes, which is supplying towards the penis, then erectile dysfunction is caused as a result.

If you want to add defense for you, then get a slimmer waistline. Men who have 32-inch waistline is considered less risky for ED. On the contrary, a 42-inch waistline man is at more risk to suffer from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

3. Fight with increased cholesterol and blood pressure

The men suffering from increased cholesterol or blood pressure levels are likely to experience blood vessel damage. The blood vessels present in the body which is connected to ensure smooth blood flow to the sexual organs can also get damaged due to these health conditions. As a result, erectile dysfunction gets an invitation.

When searching for ways how to prevent erectile dysfunction, it is crucial to have a check on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you’re having a gap in your next visit to the doctor, then it is good to check your blood pressure at home. Moreover, you can get it checked with some stores offering free screening service.

If your blood pressure or cholesterol level is not at a normal level, then start the treatment for it. With the intake of drugs to tackle blood pressure problems, it becomes hard to maintain an erection. Though, doctors specify that men suffer from ED due to the damage in the arteries, which happens due to high levels of blood pressure.

4. Put a stop on alcohol

In Science, any evidence doesn’t reveal whether moderate or mild alcohol is dangerous for causing erectile dysfunction. Though, with excessive alcohol consumption, one might face certain health issues related to liver, nerve, and other body parts. This intervenes with the normal blood flow in the male sexual organs. As a result, men are not able to enjoy good production and maintenance of hormones.

5. Regular exercise schedule

In recent studies, it is revealed that a bad lifestyle leads to erectile dysfunction. Adopting an aerobic exercise schedule can help in preventing erectile dysfunction. When searching for- how to maintain an erection, then catch-up with swimming, running or walking.

The perineum area lies between anus and scrotum which should be checked for excessive force during the exercise. When excessive pressure is applied upon perineum, the nerves and blood vessels connected to the penis get affected badly. If you’re just riding a bicycle, then it can also lead to ED.

With an occasional bicycle ride, you won’t face any trouble. Though, men who spend a couple of hours or more on a bike should ensure that the bike is fitted with a smooth seat, try to relax from pedaling in some time intervals, and check on other things as well.

While exercising, remember a few things as mentioned below:

  •  Start with 3-4 times exercise routine.

  •  Practice in the exercise session as a daily habit.

  •  Fix 10 repetitions for each pair of exercise during the day.

  •  Don’t stop your exercise session.

6. Kegels turn out beneficial

Most commonly, Kegels or pelvic floor exercises turn helpful in improving the problems related to erections in men. With the Kegel exercise, men and women facing incontinence can find fruitful results. The exercise holds the potential to focus on the muscles, particularly pubococcygeus. When any damage or weakening occurs in the muscles, a major problem is faced related to blood flow.

7. Reduce stress

Most commonly, psychological factors such as stress or anxiety remain the underlying reason behind erectile dysfunction. In the stress condition, the adrenaline hormone level gets a boost which results in the contraction of blood vessels. As a result, the erection is impacted adversely. If a man can reduce stress and get relaxed, then he can enjoy a good sexual life.

Stress is linked with certain bad habits including alcohol, drugs, or smoking. This results in troubling your sexual wellness.

8. Smoking won’t do any good

If you want to damage your blood vessels intentionally, then smoking is considered. Well, smoking cigarettes restrict the flow of blood to the sexual organs in men. With the intake of nicotine, there is a contraction of blood vessel.

9. Anabolic steroid is a bad choice

Often, bodybuilders, wrestlers, or athlete intake anabolic steroids, which results in contracting the testicles. This results in secreting the production of testosterone.

How does erectile dysfunction go away?

Most often, people search for how to keep an erection over the web! If you’re experiencing ED troubles or looking at its symptoms, then switch over to some tips. These tips can improve your sex life positively.

1. Walk regularly

In a Harvard study, it was revealed that just a 30-minute walk on each day can contribute a lot in improving human health. This is linked to the reduction in symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Also, researches prove that moderate exercises are great for improving sexual performance in bed.

2. Vascular health needs improvement

The vascular health is directly linked with the heart arteries which can be the underlying cause behind heart stroke or attack due to any damage. If you’re keeping a regular check on your blood pressure, then it is a good habit to improve your sexual wellness.

Always consult your doctor to keep a check on your brain, heart, and penis to ensure a healthier future. If anything is not okay, then immediate action is a must.

Male sexual performance: It’s time for improvement

In this context, the most common question surfed over the internet is- how to increase blood flow to the penis naturally? It is important to note that a good heart is linked with a good sexual life.

1. Switch to fruits and green vegetables

Are you searching for how to get harder erections? If so, then looks at the food which can help in improving the blood flow to all the organs in the body.

  •  Garlic

  •  Pepper

  •  Banana

  •  Apple

2. Sunlight is good

Sunlight is a natural source to stop melatonin production in the body. With the production of this hormone, one feels an urge to sleep. Though, it disturbs the sexual desire. In the winters, the body produced excessive melatonin, which can be cured with sunlight.

3. Avoid penile injuries

Men also face erectile dysfunction due to the injuries occurred in the penis during the intercourse. It is good to avoid changing positions speedily. Try to remain comfortable throughout sexual intercourse.

Can a standard disease cause a person not to become hard?

When men start developing a desire to have sex, then hormones, blood vessels, arteries, and everything start getting active to maintain an erection. It is a complex topic to discuss male sexual desire. Men who suffer from the following diseases are likely to face the condition of erectile dysfunction:

  •  Heart stroke or attack

  •  Increased cholesterol

  •  Increased blood pressure

  •  Clogged arteries

  •  Obesity

  •  Diabetes

  •  Parkinson’s disease

  •  Others

After studying the physical causes behind the occurrence of ED. It is crucial to go through psychological conditions such as:

  1.  Relationship fights

  2.  Depression

  3.  Stress

  4.  Anxiety

Why I am not able to keep an erection?

When the blood flow decreases, the first target is blood vessels. This blocks the proper supply of blood to the penis. This condition is often termed as “erectile dysfunction.” People often search for ways how to get an erection! In the search results, you’ll interact with medications, therapies, and natural remedies. If you’re facing any issues with the hormones such as low level of testosterone, then also it can lead to erectile dysfunction. On the contrary, cancer treatments such as radiation or surgery can even become the cause.

If you’re facing erections during the morning or sleeping time, then the cause isn’t related to any physical condition. It can be the emotional factors such as anxiety, depression, or stress which can bring the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The blood pressure sufferers are targeted with the drugs which result in causing erectile dysfunction. In this condition, it is best to consult with your doctor.

ED medications which help to cure the symptoms. If you’re searching for- how to stay hard, then these medications can do all the needful. These include Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, or Staxyn. These medications target the blood flow to eliminate all the bad flow activities and cure with the damage.

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